Farm Management Services


RAR Farm Management has years of trusted experience serving clients across South Central Nebraska. We can help you with all your real estate needs — from estate planning, to division of assets or portfolio management, the most important and often most challenging decision concerns what to do with the "Family Farm".

We Strive to:

  • Maintain Strong Tenant Relationships
  • Provide Leasing Options that fit Your Needs
  • Protect your Investment "Land"
  • Assist in Transitioning Ownership to the Next Generation

Reasons to Use RAR Farm Management

Maximizing your return

Our philosophy is to structure a lease that is fair for both the owner and tenant. In doing this we create the incentive for your tenant to be a good steward of your land while offering you an excellent return. Every owner is unique and the type of lease would be structured to accommodate the individual owner's needs.

Preserving good tenant relationships

Farming is a business and in many cases the tenant has been a family friend for decades. Having a third party that conducts the negotiations and business related correspondence keeps you from what can sometimes be an awkward situation.

Working with multiple owners

In many cases, the ownership of land is held by multiple owners. These owners may be spread throughout the country. Having the farm managed by RAR Farm Management is an avenue enabling you to keep the ownership intact and provide a return to all of the owners.

Freeing up time for what you want or need to do

There are several reason why people want to have someone manage their property. Removing the stress of day to day decisions. Maybe you want to free up time for other activities. Health problems can be a factor or you may have your own career or family obligations that take precedence.

Organization for the next generation

To make the transition from one generation to the next, RAR Farm Management can help. In many cases the management of the farm can be in place prior to the transfer of ownership. When this transfer is going on, there are a myriad of things the heirs will need to tend to. Having this in place will help a great deal.

SELL OR HOLD? There is no wrong answer! Ask yourself these questions:

Is the property currently in an estate?

In many cases the tax implications are lessened when selling a property that is currently in an estate with the help of a stepped up basis level.

How many heirs will hold an interest in the property when it goes to the next generation?

Generally the more heirs to a property, the more attractive it is to divide the property through sale or distribution.
If there are only a few heirs, the consistent return generated from managing the property can be very lucrative.

What are the current and future tax implications?

This usually has greater implications for the investor than the estate and can vary from year to year and planning ahead is always good business practice.

Is there a current need for any owners to liquidate?

If the answer is yes, at this time land values are at historic levels and the sale can generate large amounts of money.
If the answer is no, the consistent return the land generates can be very attractive.

Are there strong family ties to the property?

If the answer is yes, this can be the hardest decision to make. There are times when not all of the heirs are in agreement. In these situations, management may be the answer until a consensus is reached.

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