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Over 45 Years of Service

Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. has over 45 years of experience serving our clients, customers and community. We proudly serve Central Nebraska and Northern Kansas and hold real estate licenses for the states of Nebraska & Kansas.

An extremely long list of satisfied customers and clients will attest to the unmatched service and professional approach to sales that Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. have employed over those years.

Let us show you how we can put our expertise to work for you to turn your investments into equity the fast and efficient auction way.


Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. is proud of our dozens of awards for excellence in auction advertising, both statewide and nationally in brochures, newsprint and our award winning website, Our constant efforts to conduct an effective as well as efficient advertising campaign for our client's auctions assure you the seller the most for your advertising dollars. We believe your equipment or real estate is best represented by a well managed and artful ad campaign. Let our design experts go to work for you.


“Auction Time” is an “on-line only” service offered by Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. through the well known “Tractor House” company.  We are proud to have been selected as their affiliate serving Nebraska and Northern Kansas. “Auction Time” on-line auctions allow you, the seller, to list your quality equipment items for an upcoming On-Line Only auction. Through our web site and other local advertising added to the extensive exposure to the market through “Auction Time” weekly catalogs and the “Tractor House” network, your equipment receives a worldwide presence in the market place. “Auction Time” - where you control your destiny.

Let one of our staff visit with you about your future equipment sales needs and start you in the program that best suits you.


With the constant changes in the dynamics and diversity we are experiencing in today's ag-land ownership we have expanded our services into the farm management field.  Here are just a few of the benefits of employing RAR Farm Management.

  • Keeping up with current rental rates
  • We handle the negotiation with the tenants
  • Staying up to date with Farm Service Agency changes
  • Stay Current with the changing crop insurance products


Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. has a full service residential department.  As members of the Hastings Multiple Listing Service (MLS) we have the tools necessary to market your home.  We are the only company in town that offers BOTH traditional listings and auctions and will assist in the determination of which method is best for YOU.


History has proven well organized and managed auctions to be the superior method to establish a satisfactory sale price in the shortest time period. Farmland, Farm Equipment, and Commercial Equipment have recently benefited substantially from this method of sale.
The auction method of marketing is able to create an urgency that can be attained by no other method. The purchaser must commit immediately and the seller knows exactly and instantly the value of the item or items being sold. A real win-win situation for all concerned.


From our very beginning in 1967, Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. has strived to hold the reputation of the auction profession to a very high standard.

Our membership in the Nebraska and Kansas State Auctioneers Associations as well as The National Auctioneers Association attests to our desire to continue to update our technological skills in the auction field.

Our diverse staff has a very wide range of expertise and our product knowledge is unequalled in the auction field.

Our 45+ years of successful auctions is your reassurance that Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. will leave nothing undone in the preparation for and the completion of your auction.


In order to maximize the auction experience and the outcome of our client's auctions, Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc.  employ all the latest in auction technology. We have been the leaders in new innovations affecting our business. We employ the use of:

Professional Sound Equipment, Sound Trailers and Toppers

Our professional appearance and sound will help to assure a successful auction for you. Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. use high quality late model vehicles and equipment for all our auctions.

Computerized Clerking/Cashiering

Our direct entry computer system guarantees a quick and accurate accounting of all sales at your auction. Wireless data entry at personal property auctions assures a quick checkout process and complete accuracy in all transactions. Complete accounting reports are available for presentation to the seller immediately following the auction.

Credit Cards

Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. employ Cashless Commerce Technology accepting both credit and debit cards. Our ability to electronically swipe a buyer's card assures payment for our sellers and offers convenience to our buyers.

Web Page Advertising

Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. has an award winning website that is linked with other regional and international sites providing you with excellent exposure.

Power Point Presentations

The use of Power Point in our Real Estate and Personal Property auctions set us apart from the everyday concept of auctions. A more professional appearance is achieved and the buyers and sellers are better informed about the auction process.

Multi-Parcel Real Estate Technology

Through the use of this new and exciting technology, Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. have the ability to maximize our real estate auctions by allowing all potential buyers to participate at their comfort level right up to the final closing of the auction, thereby maximizing the final outcome for the sellers.

On Line Bidding

Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. utilizes the services of Tractor House to be our online provider for select equipment auctions.  This exposure is sure to bring more buyers to your auction.

Traditional Listings

Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. has achieved excellent results in selling land by the traditional listing method.

Our ability to identify potential buyers through our auction department greatly enhances our traditional listing sales success. Not all potential buyers are successful at auctions leaving a pool of qualified buyers who are still in the market.

From our huge established data base, we have been quite successful linking able buyers and willing sellers for a very large inventory of private sale properties.

We are a Full Service company, offering you the benefits of our many years in marketing

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